Zhuji Huanghui Electrical Mesh Plate Co.,Ltd, which locates in Lady Xishi-China No.1 beauty's hometown, is a solely owned private science and technology enterprise, involoving research, design, development, manufacture and sales, Photoelectricity Etching Research Institute is factory-run one. We hold the spirit of exploration, innovation, fact and enterprising, in accordance with the market needs, by unceasingly upgrading technology and developing new product series, now we become the main special base to manufacture utrathin fine precise etching products with metal materials-stainless steel, copper, nickel, alloy,Titanium and so on, all types of filter-nets for juice-squeezing machine, vacuum electron components, VFD boom nets and arrays, and widely used in the important components and parts of apparatuses in modern electronics and microelectronics industry, optical instrument industry, petrocehmistry industry and medical equipment instrument  industry. Our quality also reaches world's advanced level, and we have passed  U.S.A.RAB ISO9001:2000 assessment.
    In recent year, we are making great efforts in improving environments, upgrading equipments, recruiting talents, enhancing management, we have formed a systematic overall developing, capacity and fast-reaction mechanism which plays a positive role for auxiliary factories' products of renewal, development and quality-guarantee. In the meantime of yearly enlarging scale, we are always going deep into innovating technology, constantly elevating the enlarging class, now are possess standard factory workshops covering 5000sq meters, and a full set of national advanced level's precise metal etching equipments and first-class etching technology, our etching material's thickness is 0.05mm~0.50mm, the least width of line diameter is 0.015mm, the least bore diameter is ф0.08mm. On this base, we are developing sealing and packaging delivery belt with IC intellectual multifunctional card.
    We are in line with the aim of “striving for success by honesty, quality at first-class”, we are in line with industrious & steady managestyle  and unite & enterprising spirit, providing perfect service for our auxiliary factories and customers, we are making unremitting efforts for “Huanghui” brand going to world, we also request the pleasure of your company at any time.